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Opts List PriceBedsBathsSubdivisionSq. Ft.CityMLS#Address
$169,00011Birch Creek452June Lake19023746 Willow Ave. #3
$219,0001St. Moritz516Mammoth Lakes1906132252 #62 Meridian
$225,00011.25Horizons IV736Mammoth Lakes1905382113 Meridian Blvd #129
$248,00011Krystal Villa East588Mammoth Lakes190286137 Laurel Mountain
$264,90011La Residence V541Mammoth Lakes1905652499 Sierra Nevada
$265,00011Sierra Manors660Mammoth Lakes190570165 Old Mammoth
$275,0001Tavern Business Park660Mammoth Lakes1904131401 Tavern Rd #A-4
$289,00011.25Horizons IV736Mammoth Lakes1901142113 Meridian
$299,00011.25Horizons IV736Mammoth Lakes1905152113 Meridian
$299,99011Summit II664Mammoth Lakes201704293252 Meridian Blvd. Unit #B-241
$309,90011Summit II596Mammoth Lakes1901463253 Meridian Blvd # 257
$310,0001Westin Monache425Mammoth Lakes19007550 Hillside Dr #204
$310,0001.25Mammoth Estates564Mammoth Lakes190416221 Canyon
$314,00011Chamonix680Mammoth Lakes190370803 Canyon
$320,0001Westin Monache478mammoth lakes18079250 Hillside
$320,0001Westin Monache468Mammoth Lakes18025450 Hillside Dr. #618
$324,9002Hidden Valley664Mammoth Lakes190094153 Lake Mary Road #12
$325,00011.25Aspen Creek878Mammoth Lakes190488865 Majestic Pines Dr
$329,00011.75Krystal Villa West768Mammoth Lakes190268134 Laurel Mountain
$329,00011.50Sierra Park Villas868Mammoth Lakes190151286 Old Mammoth Rd. #50
$329,00011Summit II738Mammoth Lakes1902503253 Meridian #208
$330,00011.25Seasons IV736Mammoth Lakes190111244 Lakeview #153
$335,00021La Vista Blanc743Mammoth Lakes190604167 Meadow
$335,00011.50La Residence V864Mammoth Lakes1905672499 Sierra Nevada Rd Door S-8
$335,00011Seasons IV736Mammoth Lakes190620244 Lakeview Blvd
$339,90012Krystal Villa East1,000Mammoth Lakes190600137 Laurel Mountain
$339,90011Summit I748Mammoth Lakes1905893253 Meridian
$345,90021.75Sunshine Village928Mammoth Lakes1904352251 Meridian Blvd. #141
$346,00032.50The Arbors1,979Bishop1806331384 N Barlow
$349,00011.25San Sierra709Mammoth Lakes190159161 Horseshoe Drive #8
$355,00011.75Sunshine Village1,000Mammoth Lakes1903032251 Meridian Blvd #10 (Door 102)
$355,00022Discovery IV928Mammoth Lakes19061725 Lee Rd #123
$359,00011Westin Monache549Mammoth Lakes19050750 Hillside Drive #231
$359,00012Mountain Shadows1,028Mammoth Lakes1905432289 Sierra Nevada
$369,00011San Sierra708Mammoth Lakes190622161 Horseshoe Dr #2
$369,90021.75Sierra Park Villas968Mammoth Lakes190597286 Old Mammoth Road #58
$370,00012Mammoth Ski and Racquet845Mammoth Lakes190562248 Mammoth Slopes Drive #L106
$385,00022Discovery IV928Mammoth Lakes18080225 Lee Road #127
$389,00011.75Sunshine Village1,000Mammoth Lakes1905342251 Meridian Blvd, #174
$389,00012Aspen Creek878Mammoth Lakes190424865 Majestic Pines Dr. #117
$394,45011.25Seasons IV1,000Mammoth Lakes190049244 Lakeview Blvd. #200
$395,00021Les Belles Montagnes857Mammoth Lakes19016085 Davison Road #2
$399,00011Snowcreek III867Mammoth Lakes190441429 White Bark
$406,50012Chamonix992Mammoth Lakes190302803 Canyon Blvd #60
$409,00022Mammoth View Villas1,160Mammoth Lakes180766141 Lakeview Blvd #46
$409,00022Mountainback1,093Mammoth Lakes190408435 Lakeview #50
$410,00021.50Seasons IV928Mammoth Lakes190395244 Lakeview
$415,00022Aspen Creek1,195Mammoth Lakes190231865 Majestic Pines Drive #123
$415,00022Meadowridge1,181Mammoth Lakes1906153005 Meridian Blvd, #47
$415,00011Grand Sierra Lodge601Mammoth Lakes1903851111 Forest Trail #1124
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